• What can I do if I’m not interested in any of the specific trips that are available? +

    Each trip from our trip categories can be modified or you can even organize the trip that you've dreamed of with by using our reservation form and describing this in detail to us!
  • How many people can join a trip? +

    The maximum capacity on our boat is 8!
  • Can I bring my children? +

    Absolutely! A yacht charter is a wonderful family vacation and we encourage bringing children of all ages! We' ve already travelled with children as early as 8 months old to 18 years old!
  • What is needed for bareboat chartering? +

    You need to have a sailing license or certificate and of course to be experienced enough at various skills such as anchoring, moorings, docking, navigating and so on!
  • Do I have to help sail the boat? +

    You don’t have to lift a finger if you don’t want to! Or if you’d like to learn the ropes, that’s fine too! Our captain and the expert skipper can teach you everything you’d like to know!
  • What do I need to bring on my trip? +

    Is is appropriate that you keep your passport at every trip! We also recommend towels, sun lotion,sun glasses, hat and of course your swimsuit! :)
  • How much luggage should I take? +

    Obviously there’s a finite amount of space on the boat, which means very limited space for storing luggage, so make sure you pack light!
  • What are the arrival and departure times? +

    These will vary from trip to trip! Please note that sailing is a heavily weather-dependent activity and sometimes itineraries may have to change!
  • Are any meals included? +

    Most of the times no meals are included in the price (this keeps the cost low), as your holidays can be self-catered with our boat offering refrigerator, oven, stove and full range of cooking utensils! However, there is the option of selecting a trip with any of the meals of the day included or even ask for a chef at your services for the whole trip!
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