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The Only Limit on Your Sailing Vacation is Your Imagination!

Scattered among the waves, the Greek Islands were for sure made to sail! You’ve seen their whitewashed villages and blue waters a million times on postcards and travel brochures, but even the greatest images are not enough to show the real beauty of this landscape! Exploring Greece by sea puts you in touch with a side of this country you’d otherwise miss, giving you the chance to see where history and myths happened, meet the present-day inhabitants and of course, soak up as much sun as you can get!

Every tour delivers an unbeatable mix of highlights, uncommon experiences, cultural contact, and active experiences!
We provide the equipment, the experts, and the opportunity, you provide the energy! Climb aboard and explore the Greek Islands and other exotic places with a small group of fellow adventurers and a skipper who knows your destination’s every isolated cove, pristine beach, and secluded coastal village!

  • Full Day Trip to Dia Island

    Full Day Trip to Dia Island

    This sailing trip is the perfect way to experience the island from another perspective - the sea! Dia is an uninhabited island off the northern coast of Crete which played an

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  • Day Trip to Agia Pelagia

    Day Trip to Agia Pelagia

    Crete's coastline features wondrous landscapes, beautiful beaches, bays, and inlets! Agia Pelagia is a small coastal town with a lovely beach and is an awe-inspiring example of the beauty of Cretan Nature

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  • Afternoon Sunset Trip

    Afternoon Sunset Trip

    The Greek Islands lay claim to some of the greatest sunsets on Earth and from the boat you’ll absolutely have an unobstructed front-row seat to this! Slip on your comfortable clothes and sandals, grab a Read More

  • 3 Days Cruise to Santorini

    3 Days Cruise to Santorini

    White washed streets, a burgeoning rock climbing scene, breathtaking views of the volcano and neighbouring islands, ancient ruins and one of the most spectacular sunset in the Mediterranean

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  • 3 Days Cruise to Elounda Bay

    3 Days Cruise to Elounda Bay

    Elounda is famous for its beautiful scenery and the luxury hotels which have been built in the area! Pristine beaches, beautiful villages, great shopping and of course a superb Read More

  • 3 Days Fishing Trip

    3 Days Fishing Trip

    Whether you are an avid fisherman or you want to try fishing on board for the first time, this charter is the perfect fishing experience for all! At this trip you will have the chance of taking part at various

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  • Plan your own Trip

    Plan your own Trip

    From a wedding or honeymoon to an adrenaline-rush sea and land adventure, describe us your dreamy trip and get ready to discover deserted beaches, species that don't exist anywhere else in the world, Read More

  • Cruise Combined with Sailing Lessons

    Cruise Combined with Sailing Lessons

    This charter is the perfect one for you when it comes to spending an active vacation with your family or friends company! These courses will teach you all the essential knowledge

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  • Bareboat Charter

    Bareboat Charter

    Bareboat Chartering, just as it sounds, is for guests who want to captain a boat themselves (qualifications required)! Charter guests are responsible for all aspects of running the yacht, including sailing,

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  • It was amazing time - the hospitality was great. The stay was very satisfying and unique experience for us!
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  • Such a fantastic day trip! The crew were so charming and fun! Would make you want to come again! So much fun! :)
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  • Great way to explore Crete and it's beauties! We loved sailing the Blu!
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